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About Us

Organization Chart

Effective from: January 1, 2019
  • Auditing Office

    1. To review and assess the internal control system and to provide analysis and evaluations

    2. To conduct routine and non-routine audits

  • Chairperson Office

    1. To assist the Chairperson with internal management and external issues

  • General Management Office

    1. To assist in the planning of founding the next emerging industry and product

    2. To assist the Company in formulating important investment decisions and strategies

    3. To assist the President in supervising the operations and performance of each business group, center and division

    4. Operation cost analysis and business plans

  • Legal & Intellectual Property Division

    1. To review the Company’s legal contracts

    2. To manage the Company’s commercial contracts, patents and other intellectual property rights

    3. To provide consultation and handle relevant legal issues

  • Research & Development Center

    1. To develop short-, mid- and long-term products and technology

    2. To study and improve product formulas and develop new products

  • Technology Center

    1. To set conditions for pilot runs and mass production

    2. To manage high-mix, low-volume orders and test runs of samples

  • Manufacturing Center

    1. To improve the manufacturing process

    2. In charge of the maintenance, upkeep, repair and automation enhancement of manufacturing equipment

  • Integration Center

    It commands three divisions of which the functions and duties are as follows:

    Production Planning Division

    1. To plan production capacity based on sales and purchase strategies of each division; to obtain, allocate and integrate the management of raw materials and finished goods levels to meet the sale and cost targets

    Supply Chain Management Division

    1. To purchase, allocate and manage raw materials, supplies and equipment

    2. In charge of bonding and customs

    3. To ensure a smooth supply chain operation through supplier relationship management

    Information Technology Service Division

    1. To maintain and control software and hardware, including computers and IT system

  • Electronic Materials Business Group

    1. To formulate business philosophy and short-term, mid-term, long-term and annual business plans

    2. In charge of the planning, selling, marketing and servicing of FPC products

    3. To analyze domestic and overseas FPC markets and relevant electronic material data; to formulate and execute marketing plans

Organization Chart

Effective from: January 1, 2019