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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Stakeholder Engagement

    To realize the commitment to our stakeholders, respect and maintain their benefits, Taiflex sets up the CSR Committee, which is under the supervision of the Chairman and the President. From the environmental protection to the occupational safety, from the corporate governance to the staff rights, and from the product quality to the product development, the CSR team covers all internal departments to handle the issues related to the stakeholders such as the government, society, shareholders, employees, customers, and suppliers, with the expectation to fulfill the CSR missions and responsibilities.

    For the sake of effective communication with stakeholders, Taiflex refers to GRI 4.0 and includes the identification consideration scope and boundary. The related steps are explained as below:

    Step 1: Identify stakeholders

    We define the stakeholder as: the internal and external groups or individuals that influence the organizational operation or are influenced by the organization. According to this definition, the main stakeholders of the Company include the government, society, investors, employees, customer, suppliers, and etc.

    Step 2: Collect sustainable issues

    The scope of Taiflex’s sustainable issues refers to the considerations of GRI 4.0 indexes and the sustainable report of the domestic benchmarking enterprises.

    Step 3: Conduct analysis and priority ranking among the material issues

    As for the above scope of issues, the CSR Committee members and the internal departmental representatives of the Company hold discussion meeting, and determine the impact degree on the corporate operation based on the issues concerned in the routine communication channels. Finally, the main considerations are summarized based on high concern and high impact, which become the material issues prioritized for communication.

    Step 4: Identify scope and boundary of considerations

    The key considerations ranked based on the importance are identified in accordance with whether the impacts related to operation, procedure and service occur internally or externally, so as to completely present the value chain covered by the Company.

    Step 5: Review and discussion

    Based on the material analysis results, and discussion of the report preparation team, the sustainable issues prioritized for disclosure are finally determined.

    Analysis Chart of Stakeholder’s Concern Degree

    Communication and management of issues concerned by the stakeholders

    Stakeholder Key Concern Communication frequency and channel
    • Future growth potential
    • Constant improvement of profitability
    • Innovative management
    • Dividend policy
    • Customers satisfaction
    • Energy management
    • Pollution management
    • Chemicals management
    • Water resource management
    • Regular communication and discussion meetings.
    • Communicate directly via visit, phone, and mail.
    • Email: emc_sales@taiflex.com
    • Contact person: Mr. Liu
    • Green product
    • Supply management
    • Chemicals management
    • Regular communication and discussion meetings.
    • Communicate directly via visit, phone, and mail.
    • Annual supplier audit
    • Email: pur@taiflex.com.tw
    • Contact person: Miss. Huang
    • Businss integrity
    • Employment relationship
    • Labor law compliance
    • Training and education
    • Physical and mental health of employes
    • Occupational safety and healthy management
    • Ehr platform (Taiflex forum).
    • Email of General Manager Office for information delivery, complaint or interaction.
    • Annual staff satisfaction survey.
    • Email: hr@taiflex.com.tw
    • Contact person: Mr. Chen
    • Environmental law compliance
    • Pollution management
    • Anti-corruption
    • Social participation
    • Communicate with the government through regulations, official correspondence, telephone calls, and Email.
    • Charity sponsorship and volunteer engagement.
    • Various channels such as Email, telephone or spokesman.
    • Email: knight@taiflex.com.tw
    • Contact person: Mr. Jiang

    Please refer to the Corporate Social Responsibility Report for details.