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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Kaohsiung City Youth Care Association

    In addition to the production of FPC, PV backsheets and thermally conductive masterbatch, which is our main business, Taiflex also values Corporate Social Responsibility as part of our commitment and service to the general public.

    Our CSR commitment includes the establishment of a CSR committee, supervised by Chairman and the General Manager. We take a cross-enterprise, cross-function approach for full implementation of CSR, the CSR team taking into charge issues from environmental protection, health & safety, corporate governance, employee rights, product quality to product R&D.

    • Environmental Protection, Health & Safety Group

      1. Cross-enterprise environmental protection, safety and health Management
      2. Cross-enterprise environmental protection, safety and health KPIs
      3. Occupational hazard & diseases
      4. Carbon reduction & energy conservation 3R
    • Social Care & Friendly Workplace Group

      1. Charity promotion
      2. Care of the underprivileged
      3. Friendly workplace (cafeteria/benefits/dorms/employee satisfaction)
      4. Labor relations
      5. T&E
    • Corporate Governance Group

      1. Shareholder value
      2. Corporate governance
      3. Business integrity
      4. No unjustified enrichment
      5. Inner control
    • Green Products Group

      1. Green procurement
    • Green Innovation Group

      1. Green product development & design
      2. Green producti manufacturing

    A Green Company in Action: Taiflex makes continuous commitment to implementing environment policies. We have increased green cover around our plants and organized tree-planting activities for all employees. Moreover, investments have been made on facilities and systems to prevent water and air pollution. Our R&D efforts include developing halogen- and antimony-free formulae for plastics, and developing alternative energy through our long-term deployment in energy materials which include not only PV backsheets but also energy-saving insulation products. While carrying out our mission “providing clients with innovative products and services based on macromolecular compounds and sophisticated coating technologies”, we’re advancing toward our vision of “becoming the biggest and most trustworthy FPC and solar backsheet supplier.”

    A Social-caring Company: Since the inception of the company, Taiflex contributes a certain portion of its profits to help the underprivileged in the society every year and frequently participate in philanthropic activities. In late 2011, all of our employees built a social service club – Youth Care Club, which was restructured into a youth care association - Kaohsiung City Youth Care Association, registered at Kaohsiung City's Social Affairs Bureau. A volunteering team is formed under the association. The association’s mission is to provide care to underprivileged children and teenagers, not only through direct financial aids, but also through various events and activities that deliver love and care. The association has invited underprivileged students to watch inspiring movies, to show their talent at a charity show, and to pay visit to the company.

    Taking increasingly steady steps on the business road, we take our commitment to clients seriously. Moreover, we want each and every member of the Company to be fully aware of their role as a global citizen, who takes greater endeavor to take care of the society and the earth. It is our hope to play our part in leaving the future generations a better living environment.

    At a philanthropic event